About Us

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What we really do?

Net Cams Limited is a trustworthy provider for installation and Maintenance of CCTV, Alarms, Fire Alarms, Access Control with surveillance and integrated security for the commercial and residential clients.

At Net Cams Limited, we provide top security solutions & surveillance systems and our Ethos is to deliver exceptional customer service and maintain that at every level. With our continued success and customer satisfactions which has been the single most factor to your growth.

Our Vision

  • 24 * 7 Live Video monitoring on your smart gargets
  • Professional phone support
  • Easy to configure and user friendly with high end security
  • All products have 1 year warranty
  • Provide customised products to meet your requirements

Our Products


  • IP Cameras with great resolution
  • Remote video monitoring on more than 1 gadget
  • Rain Resistance
  • Weatherproof