Finance for your cctv project

At Net Cams Ltd. we’re proud of our relationship with Aspire Asset Finance – Let them pay for your new CCTV project! Aspire asset finance offer a bespoke finance service for our customers. They will do all the work involved in getting your finance approved and the funding put in place. No fee will be charged for this service.

Why Finance

  • Because cash flow is the life blood of every business. Using lender’s cash rather than your cash strengthens your business, it helps preserve working capital and to spread the cost over the life of the equipment.
  • Because every company trading at a profit pays tax. By lease equipment you reduce your tax liability ~ it is 100% tax efficient and allows you to offset every payment as a taxable business expense.
  • Because you may not have the funds available at this time. Leasing enables you to have the equipment that you want now, even if the funds aren’t available at this time. Buy necessary equipment at today’s prices out of tomorrow’s income!
  • Because of the tax saving buying equipment on lease finance is often the most suitable way to finance your acquisition.

Get in touch with us or directly with Aspire Asset Finance to check what it will cost you!

We will simply take few contact details from you and refer you to Aspire Asset Finance team. They will get in touch with you to arrange your finance or – You can contact them

  • No deposit finance.
  • Same day finance.
  • Finance from as little as £1000.
  • No service charge.
  • New business finance.
  • Finance is subject to status.

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